Measuring achievements and outcomes as they relate to the 信息大学’s mission—teaching teachers around the world to be resourceful problem solvers and tech-savvy educators through an online, 协作, activity-based learning system designed for tomorrow’s students in a dynamic and diverse world.


信息大学 is proud to share the approval and accreditations earned for the exceptional programs in teacher education.


由远程教育认证委员会认证. 远程教育认证委员会是美国远程教育认证委员会的成员.S. 教育部作为一个公认的认证机构. 远程教育认证委员会是国家认可的 高等教育评审委员会(CHEA).



CAEP is the principal accrediting body for schools of education in the United States. 九游会赌钱是第一个获得CAEP认证的在线课程.


The 国家授权互惠协议全国委员会 authorizes program providers to operate across state lines.


州教育主管办公室 reviews and approves all programs operating in Washington, DC, 并获得了教师资格证.


亚利桑那州教育部 reviews and approves all programs operating in Arizona 并获得了教师资格证.


高等教育牌照事务委员会(" HELC "), “委员会”)是由市长任命的五人监管机构, 消费者保护机构. They are responsible for public protection with regard to legitimate quality education in the District of Columbia.


西弗吉尼亚州教育部认证办公室 provides for the approval of all permits, 授权, and certifications for licensure for educators who wish to work in West Virginia’s public schools.



由远程教育认证委员会认证. 远程教育认证委员会是美国远程教育认证委员会的成员.S. 教育部作为一个公认的认证机构. 远程教育认证委员会是国家认可的 高等教育评审委员会(CHEA).


信息大学 is accredited by CAEP for initial teacher preparation in the following programs: Art (all grades); Early Childhood Education; 教育研究; Educational Technology; Elementary Education; Elementary Mathematics Resource; English as a Second Language; Health and Physical Education; Middle School English; Middle School General Education; Middle School Mathematics; Middle School Science; Middle School Social Studies; Modern Foreign Languages; Music—Vocal and Instrumental; Secondary Biology; Secondary Chemistry; Secondary Computer Science; Secondary English; Secondary General Science; Secondary Mathematics; Secondary Physics; Secondary Social Studies; Special Education; Special Education (non-categorical); Teaching Multilingual Learners.


对P-12学习的影响 & 发展(CAEP措施1)

在本报告所述期间, 九游会赌钱的855名候选人获得了哥伦比亚特区的教师执照, 哥伦比亚特区发布了一份重要的报告. 州教育总监办公室发布了一份 教育准备提供者报告, which examines the supply of educators from DC-approved education preparation providers.

The report includes LEA faculty and staff data collected from October 2017 to October 2020. Section 4 (pages 22-23) shows the percentage of program completers from 信息大学 employed as first-year teachers in DC LEAs who earned ratings of effective or higher for school years 2018-19 and 2019-20. 在第一个图表中(下面和第22页),90.6% of 信息大学 completers were rated ‘effective or higher’ during their first year of teaching, 横跨哥伦比亚特区. 第二张图表(下), 并在第23页)按地区内的分区分列了有效性数据.


九游会赌钱TEACH-NOW® Teacher Preparation Certificate Program features a robust clinical placement program, in which teaching candidates are evaluated on numerous occasions by a supervising mentor teacher as well as a 信息大学 clinical instructor, 与InTASC核心教学标准模式相关. Please see the results below from the clinical placement portion of our program during Academic Year 2019-20.

所有教师资格候选人都使用InTASK标准进行评估. 评估包括候选人评估, 然后是导师评估和讲师评估. 这些标准是分组的,每次观察都集中在一个特定的组上. The self-assessment and final observation represent a cumulative review of all 10 standards, 哪些是4分的. 2019-20学年考生数据汇总.



When asked about their satisfaction levels with graduates from our program employed in their school(s), 学校管理者对此反应积极. Eighty-three percent reported that our candidates were either very well prepared or well prepared, 与其他教师准备项目背景的候选人进行比较, 在教室观察后. Ninety-six percent reported that they would consider hiring another graduate of our program.


Our graduates are successful in reaching key employment milestones after completing our programs. 31%的人升职了. 48%的人报告说他们的工资有所增加. 14%的学生表示获得了杰出教学奖. 最后, forty percent reported having been given a leadership opportunity in their school.

校友报道. 校友调查(2020)


95%的校友对九游会赌钱的项目感到满意或非常满意. 91%的人认为九游会赌钱的节目优秀或非常好. 91%的人认为九游会赌钱的教师优秀或非常好. 98%的人会向其他人推荐九游会赌钱的项目. 最后, eight-nine percent indicated that our programs helped them to achieve their personal or professional goals.


九游会赌钱享有杰出的留校率和毕业率. 九游会赌钱的用户留存率为99.7%,毕业率是94.2%.

Rates indicate the percentage of Certification candidates who finished the 36-week program within 72 weeks (2 times the length of the program)

Ability of Completers to Meeting Licensing, and Any Additional State Requirements (CAEP Measure 6)

九游会赌钱每年为每个获得批准的州提交第二章的报告. 九游会赌钱邀请您参观 第二章网站,您可以访问九游会赌钱的公开报告.

Please find below our candidates’ scores on three levels of Principles of Learning and Teaching PRAXIS exams, 当他们取得教师资格证时. 九游会赌钱候选人的分数显示在绿线上, with the blue line representing all test takers (US and worldwide) who took the same test.

5622学习原则 & 教学,从K年级到6年级

2019年7月- 2020年7月| All n=8,502 TN n=137

5623学习原则 & 教学,5 - 9年级

2019年7月~ 2020年7月| All n= 1490 TN n=36

5264学习原则 & 教学,7 - 12年级

2019年7月- 2020年7月| All n=7,624 TN n=147

Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions for Which They Have Been Prepared (CAEP Measure 7)

When asked about their employment situation currently and where they envision being 5 years from now, 九游会赌钱的毕业生报告如下:

  • 76% are teaching full-time currently, and 72% expect to be teaching full-time in five years’ time
  • 86%的学生目前在以某种形式教学(兼职、代课等).), 77%的公司预计在五年内也会这么做
  • 90%的人目前从事某种教育工作(教学), 教师专业协会, 等.), 94%的人希望在五年内从事教育工作
  • 10% are seeking an education job currently (unemployed or retired and seeking such a job), 而5%的人预计5年后会处于同样的境地


九游会赌钱有资格获得第四章的资助,但不参与. 九游会赌钱的候选人毕业时不会背负学生贷款债务.

The average time (2019-20 academic year) to complete our teacher preparation program is 285天.


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