问题: 这是一个真正的教师证书吗?


Successful completion of our program leads to licensure exam eligibility, 这意味着你可以获得一个真正的教师证书, 由美国三个州之一颁布(见下文).

需要澄清的是, 只有政府实体 have the legitimacy to grant a teaching certificate (license, qualification) directly. Every state reviews its own 认证 applications, according to its own requirements.

信息大学’s TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program is a state-approved, 哥伦比亚特区的合格教师培训项目, 亚利桑那州, 和西维吉尼亚州. 像这样, candidates who successfully complete our program are qualified to apply for a fully-renewable teaching license (credential, 认证, 资格)从这三个州之一, provided they meet the applicable requirements of the state board of education. 另外, 通过互惠协议, they may be eligible to obtain fully-renewable teaching certificates or licenses from most other states, provided they meet the applicable licensing requirements of those states.

回顾一下: 在美国,任何想要教师证的人都可以 (资质许可,证书) must first successfully complete an approved teacher preparation program 在给定的状态下, 然后直接应用到那个状态 并达到所有要求(通常包括考试), 才能被授予合法的、公认的教师资格证书.

问题: W在这里 can I find information about your accrediting and/or approval bodies?


You can find this information, including agency contact details, through the links provided on our 关于信息大学 网页或九游会赌钱的 课程目录 & 候选人手册.

问题: 我需要什么东西来开始吗?


你需要3分以上的学士学位.0 GPA或同等成绩. 访问九游会赌钱的 招生页面 审查九游会赌钱所有的录取要求, 或者报名参加定期的信息会议, 还有九游会赌钱的招生页面.

问题: 有效参与的技术要求是什么?


To participate effectively in our online programs, you will require a 高速互联网连接 (超过10mbps可于 speedtest.网); a 网络摄像头; a 麦克风; and a 耳机或扬声器.

问题: 我的最低平均绩点没有3分.0. 我有什么选择?


而不是3.0本科绩点, 根据九游会赌钱的例外政策, 申请人可通过已证明的工作经验获得录取资格. 请 九游会赌钱 任何进一步的问题或澄清.

问题: 我是否可以在参加课程期间继续全职工作?


  • 工作负载变化, but averages out to approximately 15 hours a week once candidates become familiar with our learning-to-teach model.
  • The first six months of 信息大学’s TEACH-NOW Teacher Preparation Certificate Program are almost exclusively online, and meeting times are scheduled by each cohort according to the group’s availability (typically outside of business hours).
  • The last three months of the program require 12 weeks of practice teaching in a classroom with a supervising mentor teacher.
  • 已经在教室里的考生, this requirement can typically be met through their current teaching assignment.
问题: 要多少钱?


九游会赌钱提供 affordable tuition for candidates seeking to complete our teacher preparation certificate program or a 教育硕士学位 degree.


  • 全额支付$6,000
  • 首期付款800元,外加8次每月付款650元
  • 不可退还的注册费200美元包含在这个价格中


  • 全额支付1.3万美元
  • 首期付款$1,000加上12个月付款$1,000
  • 不可退还的注册费200美元包含在这个价格中

If your plans change after you start or you’re unhappy for any reason, please refer to our 退款政策 学费是如何收取的.

问题: 你们提供奖学金或经济援助吗?


九游会赌钱目前不提供奖学金或经济援助, 因为九游会赌钱相信九游会赌钱创造了一个负担得起的项目. 不过,九游会赌钱提供无息付款计划.

问题: 我必须通过什么考试才能获得认证吗?



在许可证的情况下 哥伦比亚特区 就像一个状态. DC要求许可证申请人参加PRAXIS测试(单击 在这里 针对dc专用PRAXIS要求). 亚利桑那州 has its own 认证 tests, which are administered by NES/Pearson (click 在这里 了解更多有关AZ的资讯).

It is important that you check what additional or specific requirements your state may have. Examples of additional requirements a state may have could be taking subject-specific exams, 或者完成一个州的历史和文化课程. You can find out the requirements for the state you wish to get a license in by visiting the teaching licensing page of that state’s department of education or professional teaching standards board. A good starting point for the website listings of all state departments of education can be found 在这里.

如果你想在其他国家寻求互惠,你可能需要参加额外的(或其他)标准化考试. We are happy to help you figure out any specific requirements for your desired teaching location.

问题: 课程期间有休息或假期吗?


作为一个国际项目, 本着庆祝多样性的精神, 没有普遍的节日. 每个小组和讲师决定假期. T在这里 are no penalties for holidays; however, arrangements must be made with the instructor and cohort in advance to cover all group and individual activities, 以及创建虚拟类。.

T在这里 is one program-wide break, winter break, the last two weeks of December. 也, 由于临床实习时间和学校日历的原因, 一些人会有暑假.

问题: 当我完成这个项目后,我能在任何州教书吗?


Each state has its own requirements for granting teaching licenses (认证) through its own state Department of Education. 除了, 这些需求会定期变化, and could be different on the day you complete the program compared with the day on which you applied. 对九游会赌钱来说,几乎每个州都相对容易处理. 截至2019年夏天, 不幸的是, 九游会赌钱在纽约遇到了一些困难, 科罗拉多州, 和爱荷华州, so we ask that you speak with our 招生 Counselors about those states.

Candidates can find this information by searching for the specific state Department of Education, 然后寻找他们的互惠指南.

信息大学 will always assist candidates throughout the licensure process.

问题: 我可以在国外学习这个课程吗?


信息大学 has many current candidates living and working abroad. As long as you have access to a computer with inter网 access and a 网络摄像头, 你可以完成九游会赌钱的程序.

Even students without US citizenship can complete the program and obtain a teaching license!

问题: 你们有课程目录吗 & 考生复习手册?


当然! 九游会赌钱的招生团队很乐意分享一份 手册 和你在一起.

问题: 我可以在哪里找到你的投诉覆核程序?


你可以在九游会赌钱的 课程目录 & 候选人手册.

问题: 我真的能从在线课程中学到如何教学吗?


是的,绝对! 事实上, 莫莉·卡明斯·卡尼博士, 她在波士顿学院的博士论文中, completed a comprehensive review of (what was then known as) TEACH-NOW as a modern method of teacher preparation, and the results are very clear that it’s dramatically more effective than traditional methods of preparation. 你可以阅读九游会赌钱对她工作的总结 博客,并附有论文全文的链接.

问题: 你们提供专业发展课程吗? 他们算在我的执照更新里吗?


是的,九游会赌钱做! 请访问九游会赌钱专业发展页面 了解九游会赌钱提供的所有课程, 持续进修单位(ceu)价值多少, 和更多的!

问题: Do you offer accommodations for students with an evidenced disability or need?


信息大学 complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 修订的, 以及所有适用的州或地方法律. 与这些要求一致, 信息大学 will reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with a disability if such accommodation would allow the individual to perform the essential functions of the job or participate in the educational program, unless doing so would create an undue hardship or fundamentally alter the nature of the educational program.

问题: 莫兰德大学接受转学分吗?



如考生希望转学至其他院校, it is up to the receiving institution to determine if the credits earned at 信息大学 will be accepted. 信息大学 makes no representations about the transferability of credits earned in a program offered by 信息大学.


不用再等录取决定了. 九游会赌钱提供 滚动录取, which means that you can submit your application to 信息大学 at any time.

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